《TAIPEI TIMES》 Variable weather and rain forecast this week: CWB

2019-05-27 03:00

UPFRONT: One weather front is to arrive in the north of Taiwan today, while the fifth front of this year’s plum rain season is due to arrive on Sunday

By Shelley Shan / Staff reporter

The weather nationwide is set to be changeable again as the fourth weather front in the plum rain season begins affecting the nation today, the Central Weather Bureau said yesterday.

Chances of rain would be high nationwide today due to the approach of the front, as well as the afternoon heat effect, with slightly heavy rainfall forecast in certain regions, while the highs would be about 30°C, the bureau said.

Intermittent showers or thundershowers are forecast tomorrow nationwide as the front moves from the north to the south of the nation, particularly on the west coast and in the northeast, the forecasters said.

The development of mesoscale convective systems, which often contain heavy rainfall, wind, hail, or lighting, is highly likely, so the public should pay attention rainfall updates, the bureau said.

Rain in northern Taiwan is expected to ease on Wednesday as the front moves further south to the Bashi Channel, but isolated thundershowers or heavy rain could still occur in other parts of the nation, particularly Hualien and Taitung counties, and the south, it said.

Once the front passes the north, the region is likely to experience cooler weather, the bureau said.

Highs tomorrow and Wednesday are forecast be 25°C in the north, 28°C to 29°C in the center, 29°C to 30°C in the south and 27°C to 28°C along the east coast, it said.

Lows on both days are forecast to be about 20°C in the north, 22°C in the center, 23°C in the south, 20°C in the northeast and 22°C to 23°C along the east coast, it added.

As the northeast wind is to weaken on Thursday and Friday, the weather would become stable again due to the influence of the southeast wind, the bureau said.

However, isolated showers are likely along the east coast and temporary afternoon thundershowers in the mountainous areas along the west coast, the bureau said.

Higher temperatures are also expected, it said.

Cloudy skies and afternoon thundershowers on Saturday are forecast nationwide, with isolated showers likely in the central regions and the south, it added.

Another weather front is to approach the north coast between Sunday and Tuesday next week, and the nation would be under the influence of a southwesterly wind ahead of that front, the bureau said.



  • Some women use umbrellas as parasols in Kaohsiung yesterday.
Photo: Huang Chih-yuan, Taipei Times

    Some women use umbrellas as parasols in Kaohsiung yesterday. Photo: Huang Chih-yuan, Taipei Times

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